Our Team

We are a team of experienced IT professionals from Taiwan whom have years of experience with business software as well as information management. Our team is currently comprised of two members; both of whom were colleagues and have worked in the same previous software company before. Our team is very ambitious in terms of embracing new and open source technology but we never compromise IT security, which has always been the top and our foremost priority. Having seeing numerous ERP and CRM software that have legacy systems and are very costly to the users not only in terms of money but also time, we strive to provide micro businesses with the most elegant software solution to any kinds of information management in the field of Customer Relationship Management.

We try to provide a simple, agile solution that truly satisfy the need of micro enterprises; you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket (it’s free!) and you don’t need to go a long way (it’s simple) to start managing your customers actively through the cloud. We hope to provide a truly free service for valuable users and be the Google of our kind.