Consumer Gmail Block

Your company has already blocked all the external cloud storage service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Dropbox, but you cannot block personal Gmail access because your company is using G Suite. If you are looking for a way to block personal Gmail or Google Drive in the company network, we offer this security solution.


We setup a local proxy on user's client computer individually and the proxy will prevent users from accessing their personal Google services cinluding Gmail and Google Drive. A proxy is a traffic relay for data to relay to before they reach the final destination in the internet. We will add an additional header in the proxy relay to include:
This is an official way to block users from accessing personal Google services mentioned in the Google Article: Block access to consumer accounts

Price Scheme

We will provide you the thorough installation procedure and if necessary the support for the full installation in additon to the client certificate that is required for SSL proxy.
We do offer 1 month free trial service.
The price is $500NT per client machine per year.

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