How to restrict login IP Address Range?

To combat the urgent need of the remote work surge caused by the respiratory virus epidemic that has been ongoing recently. We have decided to release a new feature that is useful and enhances the security of remote work. Unauthorized access has been one of the main factors that caused breach in IT security in various companies, especially among SaaS and various Cloud Services. IP restriction has prooven and been one of the most effective way to enhance security in various services online. If your company or home uses a fixed public IP Address, we recommend to enable this feature. By including the IP Address range that users are allowed to access from, malintent individuals will not be able to login outside the even if they have acquired the password of the users.

1. Click on the "Admin" button from the top right navigation panel.

2. Click on the Wrench icon button on the top of the page.

3. Find the "IP4 Restriction" and enter the IP4 Addresses. You can enter individual IP4 Addresses or IP4 Addresses that follow the CIDR IP4 Addresses Format. Please use new line to separate individual IP4 Addresses. If left blank, IP Address Restriction will be disabled. Please make sure that you enter your current IP Address as well.